Hi Everyone,

I hope my American friends had a fabulous Thanksgiving! And if you’re all pooped out from your Black Friday shopping, grab your favorite beverage and take a break. I’ve written the first satellite story between Worlds Collide (Book 2) and New World Order (Book 3) for your reading pleasure. (Note: In fairness to my Canadian and International friends, I googled to see what other holidays are being observed this weekend and discovered that today is Computer Security Day. If you’re like me, you may have never heard of this important day, so just a heads up to secure your computer 😉 If I’ve missed an important celebration or observance, please leave a comment.)

This newest satellite is boringly titled, Satellite Story #7, Reyes Crowe. I feel the need to make the titles more descriptive than exciting in an effort to organize them in relation to the series.  I’ll say right upfront, DO NOT READ #7 IF YOU HAVE NOT READ WORLDS COLLIDE (BOOK 2). Sorry I yelled that at you, but I just really wanted to make you aware that there are spoilers.

In other news, the cover reveal for New World Order is this Tuesday, December 2, 2014! Another work of art by Nathalia Suellen, I’m really excited to finally share it with you. Since I’m usually pressed for time, I do not organize my own blog tours. So if you’re a blogger and want to participate in the cover reveal, you can sign up with Xpresso Tours—and thank you so much for your support!!

So what’s been keeping me too busy to organize my own tours? I’m working through the first edits of New World Order (Book #3). WOOHOO! I expect to send the first cut to beta readers later this week… and I’ll be nervously awaiting their feedback! I’m happy that everything is moving on schedule and New World Order will be released around January 15th . For the first time, I’ll be making this book available for preorder so it will be delivered to your reading device as soon as its published.

In the meantime, please enjoy the satellite story. I find Reyes to be a very complicated character… but I’d love to hear your thoughts about that. I’ll be checking back to look for your comments!

Cheers – Susan

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