2019 started off with bang for this author cool  Sunset Rising has been getting a lot of love lately, and I was really touched to learn that Ezvid Wiki named Sunset Rising in their top ten “Sensational Works of YA Science Fiction.”  They even made a cool booktrailer video to go with the feature. Click on the picture to the right if you want to go check it out! (SR is #6).

Jen at Star-Crossed Book Blog also gave a big shout out for Sunset Rising as one of the books she hoped to find under her Christmas tree. And I couldn’t resist making that wish come true! I hope she enjoys Sunny and Jack’s story as much as she loved Geri and Sean’s in Shag Lake!

And with all the love flowing Sunset Rising’s way, I am inspired to get back to my keyboard. Although I have been writing this past year, I … um … haven’t finished anything sealed  To be fair, my life has been busy and full of new adventures that have easily distracted me. BUT, I do have four different intros to the PIT Series started (sequel to the Sunset Rising trilogy), as well as a few other novels you might be interested in … and I really do want to know if you’re interested!!  In a few hours I’m going to post a poll with a short description of each book I’m working on so you can tell me what to write next!  That’s right. You, the reader, get to direct me, the writer.

As soon as the results are in, I’ll get to work on writing and finishing the winner.  And to keep myself on track and ignoring distractions (and believe me, there’s a doozy coming my way!)  I’ll even provide excerpts via my newsletter once or twice a month. So check back in a few hours to cast your vote! I’m super excited to see what you think laughing


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