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S.M. McEachern’s next novel: you get to pick!

As promised in my last post, here is the poll where you, the reader, get to tell me, the writer, what to write next. Just take a look at the book descriptions below and vote for the novel you're most excited to read.  On January 20, 2019, I'll see which one has the...

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Sunset Rising Ezvid Wiki Feature

2019 started off with bang for this author   Sunset Rising has been getting a lot of love lately, and I was really touched to learn that Ezvid Wiki named Sunset Rising in their top ten "Sensational Works of YA Science Fiction."  They even made a cool booktrailer video...

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Disruption to the Sunset Rising Trilogy

As I blogged about in November, Pronoun will be shutting its doors forever on January 15, 2018. Hence, it's time to pack up the Sunset Rising trilogy from its home of three years and move to another place. This migration, as it's called in the publishing industry,...

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