Hey Everyone! I’ve been offline for a while, madly working to get my latest work in progress, Shag Lake, finished and off to the editor. The picture above is proof of the lengths I’ve gone through writing this novel, choosing just the right location to get into the mood of the story 😉

So you may have noticed the author name is Susan McEachern instead of S.M. McEachern. That’s because Shag Lake is a new adult action, adventure, sci-fi romance (set in Canada!). But don’t get too excited. Despite its title, there isn’t any graphic shagging going on. While this may make some of my readers groan, I know some of S.M.’s young adult readers don’t appreciate the occasional cuss word and/or steamy scene.

So what is my newest story all about? Here’s a description:

When a girl goes missing amidst allegations of a Sasquatch encounter, ambitious journalist Geri McKenna travels to Algonquin Park to get the scoop on the hottest story to hit the Internet. But she soon finds herself embroiled in a government conspiracy, and at the center of it all is her brother’s long lost best friend, and her secret high school crush, Sean Eastman.

I’ll be releasing a satellite story on it soon, a prequel so to speak, and if you want to be the first to get it sign up for my newsletter. Stay tuned for cover reveal, release date, and maybe even a Sasquatch hunt video starring me 🙂

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