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I’m getting sooooo pumped to finally share Geri and Sean’s adventures on the shores of Shag Lake! So far, advance reviewer feedback is giving me a warm fuzzy and really boosting my confidence as a writer. Here are few things my readers have had to say:

“I’m only 5% of the way in (still in Ch 1 from Geri’s perspective) and I’m impressed by how well-crafted Shag Lake is. The writing is masterful!” – Jeffrey

“I have just finished it and it is brilliant. You are incredibly talented I loved it so much.” – Myrna

“Folklore with a touch of Roswell, realistic love and characters you want to know more about will have any reader eager for more.” – Ellen

“I would definitely recommend this to fans of X-Files or the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, as well as anyone who loves romance with a sci-fi twist.” – Nicki

Hopefully the reviews will wet your appetite to pick up Shag Lake when it’s released July 13, 2017! And while I can only sit tight and anxiously gnash away at my nails for the next few days, you can pick up a free copy of Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss and/or enter my Giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card or one of six ecopies of Shag Lake (only a few days left on the giveaway!).

Or, if you’re as psyched as I am for the release of Shag Lake, you can preorder your copy to be delivered automatically to your ereader 🙂 Just click your favorite retailer below.  See you on the other side of the release date!  Cheers! Susan McEachern

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