Have you ever wondered what a manuscript looks like after an editor gets through with it? Take a gander at all the red for Shag Lake, and this is just one page out of the first chapter. Rest assured that the remaining two-hundred and twenty seven pages are just as red. And it’s deflating, you know? I worked my ass off the last few months writing it, and I pass it in thinking I’m all that and a bag of chips, and then it comes back red. It’s deflating … until I saw my editors note:

“I really enjoyed the book!! The action scenes were great. I LOVED the (spoiler removed) between Sean and (spoiler removed). That was such an awesome scene!! And you build the relationship between Geri and Sean perfectly!”

Another fun fact: before I send it to my editor, my alpha reader gets it. Christina is not a beta reader, she is an alpha reader because she’s the first person I ever allow to set eyes on my finished manuscripts. Why? Because she is extremely thorough in her critique. I never have to worry about Christina sugar-coating anything. She tells me like it is. And this is what she had to say about Shag Lake:

“Oh my god this is soooo good! I think I like this more than Sunset Rising. GASP! Did I just say that?!!! Seriously, this is good stuff. I think this is your genre – or at least one of your genres because I did also really like SR.”

To be honest, not all her words were praise. She felt there should’ve been some mommy porn included, and was disappointed to find there wasn’t.  There’s no graphic shagging in Shag Lake, but I’ll admit the language is a little spicier and the sex scenes a little steamier, hence the New Adult category.

I expect the next round of edits to come back from editor any minute. And then it will be off for a few rounds of proofreading. I’m currently organizing a blog tour for Shag Lake, which will include an Amazon gift certificate giveaway as well as Advanced Review Copies. I’ll post more information about it in the next few days. I’m also wondering how to the book cover … a big splash or just put it out there. Have an opinion? Please leave me a comment below.  Stay tuned!

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